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On his arrival in America he stopped at Germantown, and during his stay there he hired his services to different individuals both as a hus- bandman and weaver, until he became acquainted with a Dutch girl (a native of Holland), whose Christian name was Psyche, with whom he afterwards joined in the holy bonds of matrimony. After a long and tedious journey they arrived safely on the Canadian shore of the great Niagara. forex pro or These events fix with some definiteness the date of his arrival.On the 12th of the same month a warrant was issued to Pastorius for six thousand acres " on behalf of the German and Dutch purchasers. forex online income The climax of this staid, good fellowship was capped, however, at Grow.

They have also sent their delegate to the General Conference and are regarded as a part of that body. The meeting-house stands in the southeast corner of the Township, on the north side of a branch of Deep Run, on a knoll facing the east. s trading exit strategies After visiting many of these people in their families we went to another village, where we had a very large meeting.The congregation in Jasper County is still smaller, having a membership not exceeding fifteen. ds broken hinge Cramer, Amsterdam, 1837," afterwards translated into English, and from the English into German, by J.

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Mennonite Church at Towamencin, Montgomery County, Pa. Hoping that my efforts may be of some benefit to the Mennonite Church and people in America.February 10th, 1702-3, Arnold Van Fossen delivered to Jan Neuss, on behalf of the Mennonites, a deed for three square perches of land for a church, which, how- ever, was not built until six years later. The beginning of this liberty or freedom of speech was made through Peter Waldus, at Lyons, which was afterwards carried out by his successors, as the follow- ing will show.

It is a well-known historical fact that Gen- eral Murray was killed at the battle of Germantown. Telner conveyed two thousand acres of land to the brothers Op den Graeff, and Sipman made Herman Op den Graeff his attorney.They came as Christians, and not being provided with churches they united with the Quakers and worshiped with them, and indeed, in 1688, undertook to lay the first protest against slavery before the monthly meeting of the Quakers. Both were born and raised under laborious burdens and trials of life in a new settlement.

Soon after their arrival at Philadelphia they took a westerly course, in pursuit of a location where they could all live in one vicinity. He lost pretty near all he had, but he managed to purchase a yoke of oxen, with which he did his farm- ing, and in spite of his great reverses he again prospered very substantially.The names of the ministers were Jacob Moyer, Samuel Moyer, Michael Landis, Valentine Young and William Landis. We have, however, infor- mation that a deed was given for ten acres, dated October 4th and 5th, 1738.

In the Fall of 1847 the following- named persons joined the congregation: Samuel Bertolet and Elizabeth his wife, Abraham Hunsberger and Catha- rine his wife, John Stauffer and Ann his wife, and Eliza- beth Hunsberger. Take me to a place where I may be concealed from them, free from such trials and cares.For a while the Mennonite Church was prosperous in what is now the Page County (formerly part of Shenan- doah and Rockingham Counties), but in course of time some dissensions took place and some of their children joined the Baptist and other societies more popular in the eyes of the world than the Mennonites. Jacob Brenne- mann and Joseph Weaver were elected to the ministry.

In better spirits Willem wrote October 22d, 1684: "I have been busy and made a brave dwelling house, and under it a cellar fit to live in, and have so much grain, such as Indian Corn and Buckwheat that this winter I shall be better off than what I was last year. The town lots num- bered fifty-five and were divided into twenty-seven and a half on each side of the main road (now Germantown Avenue).Baptism only followed the teaching of religious belief, and in that whole epoch, to the year A. Cassel, and the deed of Peter Schu- macher is in Dutch.

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Be that as it may, Kord Roosen had four children by his first wife, three sons and one daughter, but we have not the dates of their birth. Joseph Summers, of Elkhart, is the treasurer, and all disbursements are made through a committee elected annually.Father Oberholzer, now almost eighty years old, also assists in ministering to these flocks. The date of its erection I was not able to ascertain.

This these non-resistants gladly accepted, and those who had not already left the country stayed on their farms up to near the close of the war, when some of them left, when many of their homes were desolated by the torch. The printing of the martyr-book was then taken in hand, for which im- portant work fifteen brethren were elected, and it took them three years to complete the work.At this instant, when the enemy closed in upon them, the said deceased, who was then in front of this defenseless company, turned to his fellow-prisoners and said : " Brethren pray mightily unto God. So the history of the subjects of this sketch has hitherto been written almost exclusively by their enemies (see E.

These were prom- ised that in Miinster they should receive tenfold for their goods which they had to abandon on this account. Then there are the Indiana, the Illinois, the Missouri, the Iowa and the Kansas Conferences, all in one com- munion, besides the Amish Mennonite churches, number- ing about twelve or fifteen.From Pastorius, the enthusiast, of highest culture and gentlest blood, down to Seidensticker, who made him known to us, the Germans have been conspicuous for learning. When the Franconia Mennonite congregation was organized he was chosen their minister, in which capacity he served for many years and became very prominent.

In 1692 culminated the dissensions among the Quakers caused by George Keith, and the commotion extended to the community of Germantown. The congregation is small, hardly numbering over twenty-five members.In 1831 arrived Jacob Krehbiel with his family, a preacher in the Mennonite congrega- tion at Meyerhof, Rheinpfalz, Germany, so the congre- gation increased by immigration and new converts who were added by baptism, and became a pretty large con- gregation. On the contrary, their own his- torians, Mehrning, Van Braght, Schynn, Maatschoen and Roosen, trace their theological and lineal descent from the Waldenses, some of whose congregations are said to have existed from the earliest Christian times, and who were able to maintain themselves in obscure parts of Europe against the power of Rome, in large numbers, from the twelfth century downward.

Though Jansen has since become a man of note, abso- lutely nothing seems to have been known of his ante- cedents, and I will, says Pennepacker, " therefore give in detail such facts as I have been able to ascertain concern- ing him. An ambassador went out from the Hague loaded with remon- strances, but they seem all to have been of no avail, for Swiss Mennonites, branded with the arms of the Canton of Berne and chained to their seats, continued to pull galleys in the Mediterranean, to work on the fortifications of Malta, and to be sold to Barbary pirates, principally because they differed from their Protestant brethren as to whether a child should be held at the baptismal font as soon as it could be carried there by its nurse, or whether the age of discretion was the appropriate period to receive the holy ordinance.Daniel Moyer was chosen to the ministry and served in that capacity for a number of years. Menno Simons had never heard of a second baptism, therefore it seemed to him very strange.

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As soon as the Friends settled in German- town they frequently worshiped together, until in 1705 the Friends or Quakers built a meeting-house of their own, but the Mennonites continued worshiping in private houses until the year 1 708, when they built their first meeting-house, which was a log house, on the same lot where their prosent stone house now stands (built in 1770). I went with them for an hour and a half beyond the city, and there we, with weeping eyes and swelling hearts, em- braced each other and with a kiss of peace separated.The first house was built in 1773, and was used as a meeting-house by the Mennonites for sixty- five years. They engaged a competent lawyer to examine the deed offered by Beasley and to close the purchase, w T ho found the deed prepared by Beasley worthless.

History throws no light on the subject, and of contemporary documents there are none. Twenty or thirty of these buffaloes are found together.Also a small organization seven miles south of Newville. Besides, meetings are held in school-houses in different parts of the county.

They had imbibed the good old German custom, from house to school, from school to church, from church to heaven. He asked if anything had been done at the meeting, and being answered negatively, he said that it was no business of the Mennonites to interfere in the matter.Abraham Lapp and Peter Lehman were chosen as their ministers, and Frederick Krehbiel and Abraham Leib as deacons. We put up at the house of a Mennonite, a young man who is a minister among them.

The greatest difficulty, however, was to find a suitable translator, upon whose skill they could entirely rely, without the fear that occasionally the meaning would be perverted. They never turn a stranger from their door, but they do not give alms to be seen of men.Also Nine Reflections, from different passages of the Scriptures, illustrative of their Confession, Faith and Practice, by said Peter Burkholder, pastor of the Church of the Mennonites, written by him in the German language, and from his manuscript translated, together with the foregoing Articles, by Joseph Funk. He had gathered a small congregation of that denomination in New Britain Town- ship, to which he preached until his death, in 1824, in his eighty-sixth year.

It is claimed that a minister by the name of Bechtel has always been connected with this congregation. The Chippeway congregation was organized in 1825, and the Putnam congregation in 1835, and the congregation at Berne, Indiana, was organized about the year 1838.So great and powerful a king could not fail to impress by his actions a simple-minded and superstitious-loving people. He served until the year 1831, when he departed this life in the thirty ninth year of his age.

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Early steps were taken to edu- cate the rising generation of the colony. They have at present one congregation in Worcester, Montgomery County.Hunsberger, of Worcester, was chosen a minister in 1873 and was ordained a Bishop in 1877. In 1727 James Logan wrote to the Proprietary : " You will soon have a German colony here, and, per- haps, such a one as Britain once received from Saxony in ye fifth century.

As we have seen, the greater number of the first Crefeld emigrants were weavers. As the deeds were executed upon that day, the design must have been in contemplation and the arrangements made some time before.The question whether the proper mode of baptism is by sprinkling or immersion was, with Menno Simons, like all other Baptists of the sixteenth century, entirely strange. The story of the suffering Puritans, which at most extended over a few generations and a small area of territory, has been told and re-told with almost distressing particularity.

Thus far we have an account of the German editions of the Bible prior to 1522. Godshall was ordained a Bishop, on the 25th day of November, 1886.Through the intercession, how- ever, of the States General, whose aid the Netherland Mennonites sought, not without success, some results were effected. But it was impossible for the pious and zealous teacher at that time to keep the Christians as St.

Thou hast led me in the right way, so that I came to a place where I was con- cealed from such sorrows and cares. Van Bebber was a son of Jacob Isaacs Van Bebber, and was followed by his father and brother Matthias in 1687.An effort at naturalization, made in 1691, adds to our list of residents Reynier Hermanns Van Burklow, Peter Klever, Anthony Loof, Paul Karstner, Andris Kramer, Jan Williams, Hermann Op de Trap, Hendrick Kasselberg, from Bakersdorf in the country of Brugge, and Klas Jansen. Ere long he began to be recognized as the leader of the Taufgesinnte, and gradually the sect assumed from him the name of Men- nonites.

After the death of Christopher Funk his son Henry took the old homestead in Germantown, and was to pay certain amounts to his sisters, in order to make equal shares. The subject has of recent years received thorough and philosophical treatment at the hands of S.It seems to have been the object of the All-wise Preserver of the uni- verse that through these people the Gospel should be preached to all the Italian inhabitants. I have endeavored to some extent to cover this ground — asjthe reader will find in the settlements of Germantown, Lancaster, Ohio and Canada.

Before they separate they kneel down again, and continue for some time in silent prayer. In consequence of this explanation the Pennsylvania Mennonites resolved to write, as they did under date of May 8th, 1742, to Amsterdam and Haarlem, and ask that the communities there would bring their powerful influence to bear upon the English Court in their behalf, as had been done previously through the intervention of the States-General when alleviation was obtained in the case of the Swiss and Litthauer brethren.Henry Nice was chosen to the ministry in 1839 and died in 1883, aged 79 years 6 months and 21 days. Among the audience were persons from different parts of this State, also from Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The im- proved Gregorian Calendar was not adopted in Pennsyl- vania till 1752, which accounts for the great discrepancy in ancient dates. The New School Mennonite congregation at present counts about eighty members.This congregation was generally attended by ministers from neighboring congregations in turn. This land he, as a printer, sold to Daniel Geissler October 20th, 1701.

They became very friendly to us at the time the prisoners were tried. Beside these labors, which were all without pecuniary compensation, he was a miller by trade and acquired a considerable estate.On the 28th of June, 1701, a tax was laid for the build- ing of a prison, erection of a market and other objects for the public good. In a Description of Pennsylvania, in verse, by Richard Frame, in 1692, we are told, " A papermill near Germantown does stand," and says the quaint Gabriel Thomas, six years later, "all sorts of very good paper are made in the German town.

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